Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

A porter was the first recipe that I made when I started into brewing.  Like most I started with a extract kit from an online vendor. While this made a good beer it left me with more of a desire to create something better.  I have brewed many versions of porters fine tuning what are the aspects I like about a good robust porter.  When I sit down to formulate a recipe I like to do some research to see clones out there of beers that I like.  With this knowledge I can determine what it is that I like.  This trial and error system of trying tweaks to a recipe is what led me to the base beer for Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter.

This is the second time I have brewed this  beer the first time I poured the beer at Heritage Festival at Forest Park in St. Louis.  This was my first time pouring one of my beers at a Festival and I absolutely loved it.  When I made the first batch it was a 10 gallon batch that I split into two separate batches.  The other beer made was a Coffee Vanilla and Cinnamon Porter.  Some of the things I took away from the first batch was I needed more peanut butter flavor.  I did research on getting this flavor into a beer and most of what I read was all failures or dumping tons of money into a brew, which believe me I don’t have a problem doing if the beer comes out great.  After reading about de-oiling all natural peanut butter for months to add to beer I thought to myself no way I don’t have time to prepare for the festival.  I then looking into PB2, which is a dehydrated peanut butter you can find at some grocery or heath stores.  Everything I read was negative about using this.  The flavors and aromas were subtle even when using multiple containers (6.5 oz) at $5 a pop thought to myself no way again.  I then started to think about vodka infusions, which I am a fan of in getting flavors into beers.  So this was the method I went with.  There where some methods online, but nothing to in detail.

During the first batch i used a cup of unsalted peanuts that I decided to make an vodka infusion out of.  My initial thought was I would strain out the peanuts when I added the vodka to the secondary.  So I filled a mason jar with a cup of peanuts and filled it with vodka.  When I decided it was time to put the vodka in the secondary I decided to dump the whole jar with the peanuts.  I let them sit in the beer for 2 weeks before putting the beer in a keg and carbonating.  Upon sampling my thoughts were good subtle peanut flavor and aroma, but I wasn’t so sure I could pick it out if I didn’t know it was there.  So moving onto the next batch I decided I would double the peanuts.  Note that this is for a 5 gallon batch.

Peanut Vodka Infusion

2 cups of peanuts

Vodka to cover to the top of the peanuts


Similarly I make a infusion of 2 vanilla beans and 5 ounces of cacao nibs to get the chocolate flavor.

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